• Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), University of Illinois
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Major Professional Backgrounds

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Research Areas and Themes

    I have recently expanded my research outcomes in the following two themes of studies:  


    (1) The Study of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) under the European Higher Education Reform, also known as “the Bologna Process:” This study investigated the development of the ECTS as one of the major reform plans in European higher education beginning in 2000. As a publication, Chapter 9 of Kuroda, K. (2013) “The Governance of Higher Education in Asia“ and chapter 7 of Matsuzuka, Y. (2017) “The Era of International Mobility in Higher Education: Universities for the Mobility of Human Resources and Knowledge” discusses the topic of this research. 


    (2) The Study of the Development of an Aligned Credit Transfer System in Asian Higher education: A comparative study of the higher education system in 23 nations in Asia was conducted, and a concept of “Asian Academic Credits” as a regionally aligned credit transfer system was developed. There are articles on this topic published in journals such as “Comparative Education” Volume 48 (2014) by the Japanese Comparative Education Society and “Japanese Journal of Higher Education Research” Volume 20 (2017) by the Japanese Association of Higher Education Research. For overseas publications, one article was published in the Journal of Studies in International Education. Volume 24(2) in 2020. 

    Research Areas and Themes of the Students

    1. Higher Education Studies
    2. Comparative Education Studies
    3. The Study of Educational Development
    4. The Study on Educational Exchanges
    5. The Study on the Development of Higher Education in Asia and Pacific
    6. The Study on the Recognition of Academic Credentials in Higher Education
    7. The Study on the Academic Credit Transfer Systems in Higher Education


    The main research topics of the supervising students are as follows:
    Master’s thesis = M
    Doctoral dissertation = D

    • Study on Teacher’s Perspectives towards English as a Medium of Instruction at Vietnamese Universities.[M]     

    • Study of Blended Education in Chinese Junior High School: An Analysis of Students’ Satisfaction [M]

    • Study of the Development of Private Tutoring in Cambodia: Issues and Challenges [D]

    • Study on the Employability of Returned Students from Study Abroad in Lao Universities [D]

    • A Study on the Relationship between Research Ability and Mindset of Cambodian Faculty Members and Their Research Outputs: A Perspective from Fifteen Higher Education Institutions [D]

    Message to Prospective Students

    Please try to study in my research group if you are interested in higher education regarding the development of international collaborations and aligned regional systems of higher education.