The list of titles of master student’s thesis (educational development course, and cultural and regional studies course*) in 2020 Japanese Fiscal Year

The list of titles of master student’s thesis (educational development course, and cultural and regional studies course*) in 2020 Japanese Fiscal Year

Graduated in September 2020

Name Title
AVIDIA SARASVATI Exploring Students’ Scientific Habits of Mind (SHOM) in Indonesia
ASSILA PRIANGGI HUMARA BAIIN A Study of Indonesian Kindergarten Teachers’ Attitudes towards Child-centered Approach in the Transitional Process from Direct Instruction Approach
POKHAREL BINITA Adult Basic Literacy and Lifelong Learning Programs for Empowering Individuals: A Case Study of Nepal
MEUNVISETH YOMMALA Perception of Inclusive Education in Higher Education in Laos: A Case of Students with Visual Disabilities, Students without Disabilities, and Teachers of Inclusive Classes
NURUL HASANAH Effects of Teaching Practicum on Teaching Style and Motivation: Cases from Upper Secondary Schools in Indonesia
MULLIS CHRISTIANIA JOY Sociocultural Perspectives on Autism between Japanese and U.S. Professionals Using TEACCH and ABA Approaches
孫 瑜 Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation to Classroom Learning: A Comparative Study between Migrant Children and Local Children in an Urban Public Middle School, Yantai, China
KAZEMI ZAHRA Why Do Parents Choose Private or Public Primary Schools? Parents Perspectives on Schooling in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan
HENA SHARMIN Developing Number Concepts: Teaching-Learning Practices of Pre-primary Students at Home and Preschool in Bangladesh
VERRA WULANDARY Applying Mnemonic to Help Students with Mathematics Difficulties Memorizing the Basic Multiplication Facts
DIDO SUJAYA PERWENDHA Exploring Retention Factors of Contract Teacher at Public Vocational Secondary High School in Indonesia
LUSSY MIDANI RIZKI Intention and Implementation of Integrated Curriculum with Attention to Mathematics in Indonesian Primary Schools
SOE SANDAR PYAE The Relationship between Primary Teachers’ Mathematics Beliefs and Practices and Influencing Factors: Cases of Yenangyaung, Myanmar
CHIM VUTHEAVY Non-English Majoring Teacher Trainees’ Perceptions of English Learning: A Case of National Institute of Education, Cambodia
RAHMATIKA DEWI Exploring Specific English Skills Needed for Informatics Engineering Human Resources in Industry 4.0 Era in Indonesia: A Phenomenological Case Study
SIN SOKUNTHEA Relationship between Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) and Beliefs on Fractions of the Pre-service Primary School Teachers in Cambodia
BATSAIKHAN JAVZANDULAM Herder Parents’ Belief Systems for Preparing Un-preschooled Children for Schooling: A Qualitative Case Study in Rural Mongolia
SANDAG GENDENJAMTS The Development of Test to Measure Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Science among Mongolian Primary School Students
CHHEM PHALY Educating Student Teachers as Researchers at Regional Teacher Training Centres in Cambodia
BANNAVONG PHONEXAY Characteristics of Teaching and Learning Process in and Challenges of Non-Formal Lower Secondary Education Equivalency Programme in Laos: A View from Andragogy Theory
SO SAMBOREY Investigating Teacher Trainees and Teacher Trainers’ Misconceptions in Atom and Molecule
SEANG LINDA Teachers’ Knowledge and Perception in Implementing Critical Thinking Skills Practice in Chemistry: A Case of Upper Secondary Schools in Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia
周 小丁 How Do the Students Utilize School Course Guidance in their Future Planning? – Case Study of High Schools in Hiroshima City, Japan and Wuhan City, China –
PRATIWI TRI UTAMI Equal Delivery of Religious Education in Multi-Religious Public Schools of Indonesia: Examining Religious Inherency
大久保 奈映 日本の国際教育NGO によるフィリピンへの教育支援に関する研究
MAY THU KYAW Research Engagement of Teacher Educators: Comparing the Extreme Cases of Education Colleges in Myanmar
張 珈銘 Investigation of Factors Affecting Students’ E-learning Satisfaction and the Challenges of the E-learning Process – A Case Study of Junior High Schools in Zhifu District, China
CHEY RATHA Factors Influencing Cambodian Students’ Science Self-Efficacy
CHHIT LIENGIENG National English Textbooks and the Implementation for Cambodian Elementary Schools: A Case Study in Phnom Penh City


Graduated in March 2021

Name Title
LIM NGOC HAN The Study on the Instructors’ Perspectives toward English as the Medium of Instruction at Vietnamese Universities
李 秋瑾 Comparative Analysis on Inclusive Education in Early Childhood Education for Children with Mild and Moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder Between China and the United States
方 佳易 Basic Study on Gender Equality Issues in Textbook: Comparing the Chinese Textbook and Japanese Textbook in Lower Secondary School
DHINA SETYOWATI English Teacher Professionalism during Distance Learning in COVID-19 for Secondary Level Education: a Case Study of Indonesia
橋本 拓夢 タイにおける地方教育ガバナンス改革に関する研究
朱 思奕 四字漢語動名詞の語構造に関する研究
LE THI XUAN AN Perspectives of Stakeholders toward Patenting: The Case of Universities in Vietnam
安川 奈々恵 Research on Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge Shared Through Lesson Study: A Case of Sta. Lucia High School in the Philippines
高橋 由哲 ザンビア数学教師による生活経験の数学授業への使用に関する研究
田村 絵果 ボリビア多民族国における多文化教育の特徴と課題―教員の意識に着目して―
劉 氷妍 The Study of Blended Education in Chinese Junior High Schools: An Analysis of Students’ Satisfaction
大方 芳恵 動詞「ナル」の意味拡張について―「ことになる」の用法を中心に―
中川 彩美 公害問題に対する健康リスク認知と行動変容を促す教育―インドネシアのカリキュラム・教科書の分析を中心に―
鶴留 守 ザンビアにおけるSTEMリテラシー育成に関する研究
杜 歓 中国広東省における中等教育段階の中国人日本語教師の不安について
孟 思晨 Relationship Between Socio-cultural Environment and Global Citizenship Development Among University Students in China
安 静琪 中国陝西省西安市の初等教育における「大国語」の課外補習に関する研究―小学生の国語課外補習に焦点を当てて―
竹田 和花 フィジー共和国北部の芸術・身体表現系教科に関する初等教員意識調査
瀬下 岳 ザンビア小学生の小数概念の習得段階に関する研究
大野 梨花 COVID-19パンデミックにおけるインドネシアのオンライン教育の取り組み -学習環境の変化に対する生徒の感覚に着目して-
村上 弥生 ガーナ初等教育クリエイティブアート教科の実態に関する研究―教師の認識と発問に着目して―

(*)In April 2020, the International Education Development Program was newly established based on the Educational Development course in the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation.