The list of titles of master student’s thesis in 2021 Japanese Fiscal Year

The list of titles of master student’s thesis in 2021 Japanese Fiscal Year

Graduated in September 2021

Name Title
KOY SOK HENG The Influence of Life Experiences on School Principals’ Leadership Practices: A Case Study of Outstanding Upper Secondary School Principals in Cambodia
SIHAVONG VEHA An Evaluation of the Effects of the School Based Management Program in Primary Education in Lao People’s Democratic Republic – A Case Study in Vientiane Capital –
小川 翔生 ザンビア中等理科教科書における教科書分析 -教材機能、学習材機能的側面から-
菅原 亮太 国際教育支援における日本型学校体育の影響と課題:カンボジアを事例に
LY SOKNAY Student-Teachers’ Perceived Understanding of Inquiry-Based Learning in Science Teaching
李 春紅 外国人技能実習生の技能習得に求められるもの―中国人技能実習生を中心に―
DWI FATMAWATI Parental Acceptance and Views on Education for Children with Special Needs in Public Special Schools in Banjarnegara, Central Java, Indonesia
CHEA SAMUTH A Study on Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students’ Khmer Language Writing Performance in Cambodia
SOPHORN SOPHEAK Promoting Action Research for the Professional Development of Teacher Educators at a Teacher Education College in Cambodia
PAN SU AUNG Exploring Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Inclusive Education in Myanmar
SON SOKUN Student Teachers’ Metacognitive Knowledge and Judgment of Learning Behavior in Cambodia
趙 亜欣 中国語新型受身文の日本語訳に関する研究―中国語母語話者日本語学習者による翻訳調査の結果から
PRAK SONITA Investigation of Teachers’ Perceptions of Differentiated Instruction and Its Implementation in Cambodian Primary Schools
KHIN PHYU PHYU THET A Study on Teachers’ Teaching Practices and Parental Support for First Graders’ Reading Skills of Myanmar Language
KEA VANCHANRAYA Effects of School Management Committee and School Principal Leadership on Local Collaborative Decision-Making at Public Secondary Schools in Cambodia
CHOUR CHANNARETH A Review of Policies to Promote Students’ Interest in STEM in OECD Countries: Implications for Upper-Secondary Education in Cambodia
陳 媛 中国における深圳・香港間の越境通学に関する研究 -越境通学世帯の教育選択を中心に-
KHADKA HARI RAM Motivation Factors of Nepalese Students in Foreign Countries for Higher Education: A Case Study of Nepalese Students in Japan
JARGALSAIKHAN DELGERMAA Transition Process from Kindergarten to Primary School in Mongolia: A Qualitative Case Study
李 佳薈 中国北京市における新大学入試政策を背景にした高校生の科目選択に影響を与える要因について
肖 姍夢 Factors Influencing Students’Choice of Major and Their Effect on Major Satisfaction at University in China
PHETSIRISENG CHANSOUDA University Teachers’ Perceptions of E-learning in Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study of Public Universities in Laos
OL SOKETHYA A Study on Cambodian Primary School Teachers’ Pedagogical Knowledge and Practices of English Language Teaching


Graduated in March 2022

Name Title
原 悠 ザンビア中等学校理科におけるグラフ作成能力の調査
望月 康平 日本人学校への勤務経験を有する教師の帰国後の経験活用に関する一考察
NGUYEN THI LAN NGAN Professional Development of Vietnamese Teacher Educators at Different Professional Life Phases: A Life Story Study
ZUN WAI OO Understanding Attitudes and Self-Efficacy of Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers Towards Inclusive Education in Japan
REHAM ALY ABDELLATIF IBRAHIM RAGAB Cross-Cultural Competence of Muslim Graduate Students in Japan:A Case of Hiroshima University
奥山 雄太 外国人児童生徒の学校適応に関する研究-地域支援の役割と課題に着目して-
孫 楊晨曦 Analysis of Gender Prejudice in English Textbook with Theory of Feminism Curriculum-The Case of Guanzhong Area’s High Schools in China-
岡 あゆみ 基礎教育におけるアルゴリズム的思考に関する研究―ルワンダ中学生の形成的評価を事例として―
張 浩栄 中国の地方大学におけるMOOCs構築の現状と対策に関する研究―B地方大学を例として
ORGIL TSOMORLIG In-service Training Effectiveness of Primary School Teachers in Mongolia
JOGARAH DIYA A Case Study of Full-Time Academic Staff Perception Towards Service Quality in Mauritian Higher Education Institutions
張 聡穎 Factors Associated with College Student’s Condom Use in China: Using the Health Belief Model

(*)In April 2020, the International Education Development Program was newly established based on the Educational Development course in the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation. The above titles include the former courses.