The list of titles of master student’s thesis (educational development course, and cultural and regional studies course*) in 2014 Japanese Fiscal Year

The list of titles of master student’s thesis (educational development course, and cultural and regional studies course*) in 2014 Japanese Fiscal Year

Graduated in September 2014

Name Title
CHEAVONG SOKEARITH A Study on Teaching Style of Teacher Trainers in Cambodia
RIYANTO Teachers’ Perception on the Use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) for Science Education: A Case of Vocational Senior High Schools in Banjarnegara Regency, Central Java, Indonesia
MOUSUMI MANJUMA AKHTAR Proliferating English-Medium Schools in Bangladesh: Their Educational Significance Among the ‘Clientele’
THAKALI INDRA SINGH Perception of Climate Change and Adaptation Practices in Mustang District, Nepal
EULATTH VIDAL WILLIAM ERICSSON Skills in Basic Components of Language for Writing of Peruvian 10th Grade Students in Lima Metropolitan Area
CHHUN PENH Factors Affecting Physics Achievement of Grade 8 Students in Rural Cambodia: A Case Study in Banteay Meanchey Province
KWEMBE MATHEW STEPHEN Reading Comprehension Skills of Primary School Pupils in Dodoma Urban District in Tanzania
SAR MONYRATH Development of Science Process Skills from Inquiry-Based Approaches in Learning Biology at Upper Secondary Level in Cambodia: A Case Study in Hun Sen Chomkar Doung High School
彭毛太 青海チベット牧畜社会における「生態環境保全」に関する研究-定住化政策による牧畜民の生活様式への影響-
GABUAT JANICE MARIE Collaboration, Conflicts, and Development of a Community-based Ecotourism: A Case of a Post-conflict Society in Alamada, North Cotabato, the Philippines 
秋好 克則  日本の消費者がフェアトレードコーヒーに求める情報―有効な食品トレーサビリティシステムの構築に向けて―


Graduated in March 2015

Name Title
竹内 希 ザンビア中等理科教育における授業の効果-情意的側面と認知的側面に着目して-
樺島 純子 Factors behind School Girls’ Pregnancy and Reasons of Their Return or Non-return to School in Kabwe, Zambia: From the Perspectives of Pregnant Girls, Parents, Teachers, Students and Ministry of Education
田 源 Emerging Civil Society of China in Transition: Focusing on Predicaments and Possibilities of the NGOs in Beijing
久松 祥子 バングラデシュにおける障害者支援の現状と課題
KEOPHATSADA MAYOULY Primary School Dropout in Rural Laos: The Influences of Over-age, Repetition, and Socioeconomic Status
酒寄 晃 バングラデシュ小学校教師の有する「数学教授に必要な総合的知識(MKT)」測定に関する研究-数の概念と操作に焦点を当てて-
包 秀敏 内モンゴル自治区ホルチン左翼後旗におけるモンゴル族の言語意識に関する研究
于 小杉 中国の吉林省の白城における児童の数学到達度と読解力に関する研究
MAULLUDDUL HAQ インドネシアの西スマトラ州における日本語専攻大学生のビリーフに関する研究
枝川 未来 日本人ムスリム社会の研究
庄 瑜 華僑大学における機能変容と教育環境-福建省華僑大学を事例として-
大槻 理恵 モンゴル中等教育前期における生物教科書の学習内容の取り扱いに関する研究
袁 翠 中国都市部の公立中学校における出稼ぎ労働者の子どもと都会出身の子どもの学校適応度に関する比較研究-中国上海市を事例として-
MASKEY BIJAN Municipal Solid Waste Management Policies and Practices in the Philippines
山下 結依 外国人留学生採用企業における留学生人材ニーズに関する研究-製造業を事例として-


*In April 2020, the International Education Development Program was newly established based on the Educational Development course in the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation.