The list of titles of master student’s thesis (educational development course, and cultural and regional studies course*) in 2016 Japanese Fiscal Year

The list of titles of master student’s thesis (educational development course, and cultural and regional studies course*) in 2016 Japanese Fiscal Year

Graduated in September 2016

Name Title
渡辺 俊一朗 ザンビアの高校生におけるモル概念の理解に関する研究 -量的関係に着目して-
宮本 遥菜 タイにおけるコミュニティ・ベースド・ツーリズムに関する研究 ―北タイ一村落を事例として―
SOK BORA The Effects of Hands-on Activities on Students’ Basic Science Process Skills: A Case Study of a High School in Cambodia
JIANG LU Investigating Students’ Satisfaction with Internationalized Curriculum: A Case Study of Four Universities in Zhejiang Province, China
BUDI HARJO インドネシアにおける日本語「ニ、デ、ヲ」の格助詞の教授法:西スマトラ州を中心に
KEO MUTH Research on High School Students’, Pre-service Teachers’, and In-service Teachers’Understanding of Conditional Probability in Cambodia
ANJAR PUTRO UTOMO Identification of Science Test Items of TIMSS Grade 8 Based on Higher Order Thinking Skills
LENG SOPHEARY Teacher Educators’ and Prospective Teachers’ Perceptions of Academic Cheating and Deterring Strategies in Cambodia
田川 夢乃 フィリピンのグローバル化と社会階層の今日的動態 ―文化人類学の視点から―
CHOWDHURY MOIYEN ZALAL Social Media, Emerging Public Sphere, Islam and Nationalism in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Shahbag Movement.
LABAYO CZARINA CEBALLO LIVING IN DANGER: Exploring the Cultures of Disaster among the Ati peoples in Bicol, Philippines
司馬 篠玥 中国における環境保護運動に見る公衆参加の新たなあり方 -「陝西省環境保護母親協会」を事例として


Graduated in March 2017

Name Title
東 達也 ザンビア共和国の算数・数学教育におけるNumber Sense 獲得に関する研究
UWERA JACQUELINE Human Needs Satisfaction and Teacher Performance in Primary Schools in Kicukiro District, Rwanda
堀内 悠里 学校教育がセネガルの子どもたちの数認識に与える影響
LI HUA A Study of the School Merger Program in China: A Case in Hunan Province
JAMBALDORJ ODONCHIMEG Relationship between Parents’ Socioeconomic Status and Children’s Educational Achievement in Khovd Province of Mongolia
小林 真子 大学生の宗教態度が向社会的行動および国際理解に及ぼす影響についての一考察
大山 くらら 現代カンボジア農村部の教育復興- ポル・ポト時代以降の史的検討-
MAKGOPELA MARIA TSELANE SELINA Support Services for Students with Disabilities in Technical Vocational Education and Training Colleges in South Africa
NUR ROBIAH NOFIKUSUMAWATI PENI Development of Jakri Game Based Mathematics Lesson Using Realistic Mathematics Education: A Case Study of Elementary School in Alor Regency
前澤 唯 ネパールにおける教育開発政策が女性教員の性役割に与えた影響に関する比較事例研究― カトマンズ盆地とカブレ・パランチョーク郡の比較― 
田中 涼子 カンボジア初等教員の主体性形成に関する研究 -体育科の実践を中心に-
NGABOYERA VALENS Factors Related to Information Communication and Technology Integration in Teaching among Teacher Training Colleges in Rwanda
NIYOMANA MICO EMMANUEL The Effect of Parental Socio-Economic Status on Pupils’ Achievements in Primary Schools:The Case of Bugesera, Rwamagana, Nyarugenge and Gasabo Districts in Rwanda
HAN YUJUN Students’ Perceptions of Teaching From Course Experience in
University: A Case Study of Three Universities in Zhejiang Province,
中本 美音里 ルワンダの前期中等学校進学における阻害要因と促進要因に対する一考察
立川 咲季 オーストラリアの多文化主義と移民政策
久野 温子 フィリピンにおける住民参加型開発と社会関係資本-ボホール州における農漁村地域の事例から-
YU XUEGANG Social Policy and Welfare in the Aging China: A Case of Flexible Pension Policy in Shanghai
AMARAL CUSTODIO DA CONCEICAO DO The Structure of Informal Cross-Border Trade and its Implications on Citizens’ Welfare: The case of Southern Mozambique


*In April 2020, the International Education Development Program was newly established based on the Educational Development course in the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation.