The list of titles of master student’s thesis (educational development course, and cultural and regional studies course*) in 2018 Japanese Fiscal Year

The list of titles of master student’s thesis (educational development course, and cultural and regional studies course*) in 2018 Japanese Fiscal Year

Graduated in September 2018

Name Title
髙木 梓 ザンビア共和国における操作から見た児童の数概念獲得の実態に関する研究
MUSHANI MERCY Investigating Teachers’ Understanding on Assessment of Basic Science Process Skills at Primary School Level in Zambia: A Case Study of Mumbwa District – Central Province
LOR CHANTAY Teacher Trainers’ Perceptions of Their Professional Identity: A Case of National Institute of Education in Cambodia
YAT PONLEAK Influence of Motivation on the Academic Performance of Lower Secondary School Students A Case Study of Banteay Meanchey Province, Cambodia
LANG SOPHAT Non-Formal Education Equivalency Program in Cambodia: An Analysis of Implementation and Outcomes in Phnom Penh and Pursat Province
HULL PISETH Cambodian Teachers’ Conceptions and Practices of Assessment: Relationships between Conceptions and Types and Purposes of Assessment
TIN NU NU WAI A Study on the Effect of Play-based Curriculum on Cognitive and Non-cognitive Abilities of Kindergarten Children in Myanmar
NOVIANTI ISLAHIAH Effect of Using Multimedia Based on Intertextuality to Mental Model of Students in Chemical Bonding Concepts
RESTUTI MAULIDA Teacher and School Principal Attitudes towards Implementation of Inclusive Education: A Study at Primary Schools in Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Indonesia
SOE KO KO A Comparative Study of the Employability of Graduates at Professional Higher Education Institutions in Japan and Myanmar
ABDELSAMAD ALSHAIMAA A.NAGUIB M. Educational Qualifications and Intergenerational Mobility in Japan: The Case of City Mayors
MEINA BERLIANTI Roleplay as a Smooth Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra in Indonesia
HARI WIDI UTOMO A Study on Teacher Network Formulation of Junior High School Level: Focused in Banjarnegara Regency Central Java Indonesia
菅 康文 ブータンにおける問題解決活動を取り入れた保健体育授業の開発
PWINT HSET KHIN The Influence of Primary Teachers’ Science Process Skills on Their Teaching Practice in Implementing the Science Curriculum: A Case of Kawthoung, Myanmar
GONDWE FOSTER The Influence of Policy on ICT Integration into Teacher Education in Malawi: Cases of Two Teacher Education Institutions
MUTIARA AMANAH Parenting Styles and Socio-emotional Development of Young Children among Different Groups of Socio Economic Status: A Study in City C, Indonesia
GHYNA AMANDA PUTRI A Study on Multicultural Teaching Competency of Kindergarten Teachers in Bandung, Indonesia
NOVTRYANANDA GHUNU Teacher’s Perception of Principal Leadership on Self-Efficacy: A Case Study of Elementary Schools in Bandung, Indonesia
NENDEN PERMAS HIKMATUNISA The Influence of Integrated STEM Instruction on Students’ Scientific Competency and Engineering Design in Indonesia: Suggestion of Lesson on Force and Motion
DINI ASRI KUSNIA DEWI Analysis of Students’ Mental Model through Representation for Addition and Subtraction in Indonesia Primary School
MEESAENG SAWANG Livelihood Changes and Cultural Negotiations of Ethnic Minorities: Focusing on the Expansion of Arabica Coffee Growing Business in Northern Thailand


Graduated in March 2019

Name Title
畑 美咲子 ザンビア共和国の基礎計算能力の獲得における言語的影響に関する研究
SUHARYANTO Teacher’s Roles and Strategies in Dealing with the Students’ Diversities in English Learning Program of Higher Education in Indonesia
LEE ROBB JAE YONG Case Study of Global Core Competency Development in a Short-term Study Abroad Program
MOCHAMAD IMRON AZAMI English Teaching Education as Pesantren’ Reform in Rural Area and Urban Area: Comparative Study between Pesantren Nazhatut Thullab and Pesantren Progresif Bumi Shalawat
NDIAYE OUSMANE An Analysis of Primary School Dropout in Senegal
大島 梓 バングラデシュの NGO における人身取引サバイバー支援の研究
IVA NANDYA ATIKA The Attitudes of Secondary School Science Teachers toward Teaching Diverse Students in General Education Classrooms in Banjarnegara Regency, Indonesia
吉田 華奈 ガーナ算数教育における十進法の理解を促す指導法に関する研究
矢賀 愛 小学校における地域に根ざしたグローバルシチズンシップ教育
MBABAZI OLIVER Effect of Welfare Facilities Provision on the Performance of Teachers in Public Secondary Schools of Gatsibo District-Rwanda
水津 ありさ タイ中等英語教育における外国人教員の影響―教員の協働に着目して―
BISANUKURI JEAN D’AMOUR Effect of Hands-on Activities on Students’ Academic Performance in Biology Subject A Case Study of Nyarugenge District Public Lower Secondary Schools
RESTI ANDRIYANI Development of Project-based Learning on Environmental Issues for Improving Students’ Science Process Skills in Indonesia
ARDIANA PANGESTIKA KONITA The Development of the Test to Measure Core Critical Thinking Skills in Science among Indonesian Primary School Students
NSENGIMANA JEAN PIERRE Analysis of Secondary School Students’ Mathematics Ability Using Newman Approach in Rwanda
MUNEZERO EDOUARD Students’ Perceptions of Social Support, their Engagement, and Academic Performance in Lower Secondary Schools in Rwanda- Exploring Gender Differences A Case of Public Secondary Schools in Nyarugenge District
OUEDRAOGO ISSOUFOU Primary School Dropouts in Rural Burkina Faso : A Multilevel Analysis
方 愉婷 日中謝罪表現に関する研究
土居 誠 開発援助プロジェクトにおけるドナーの要求とNGO の実践
MAHLOBO TADEUS THAMSANQA TALENT owards an Understanding of African Traditional Medicine and Health Practitioners:
Focusing on the Negotiation Processes Between Indigenous Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge at Four Herbal Markets in South Africa


*In April 2020, the International Education Development Program was newly established based on the Educational Development course in the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation.